Cheap Homemade Computer Fan Dust Filter - Part 4

(This is the continuation from Part 3)

After only four days of installing the computer fan dust filter, I've already seen dust being trapped by the filter material. I'm not totally surprised. It's been extraordinarily windy this past few days.

What I still can't get over though is why these fan dust filters are not commonplace hereabouts. I've not seen any fan dust filter installed in any desktop computer. Is it just me? Is my place just too dusty?

Maybe desktop computers are becoming extinct? After all, laptops and other more portable gadgets aren't as prone to dust as the Jurrasic desktops.

Results after Installing the Fan Dust Filter

Here is a magnified view of the computer fan dust filter after four days.

I've only highlighted three but there are plenty of dust particles quite visible. So, yes, the filter's working alright. I may even have to double up the filter material to catch smaller dust particles, I don't know. I may have to experiment a little first.

Advantages of the Homemade Computer Fan Dust Filter

  • Cheap and Easy to Make

    The materials used for this project are mostly scrap or discarded items. The tools are simple and common. Given the materials and tools, it doesn't take more than an hour to finish this DIY project.

  • Filter is Easy to Remove

    Simply lift the rubber band out of the glue bumps and the filter is off. Or, you could just pull out one point along the edge of the filter. The rubber band is pulled along with it.

  • No Need to Remove Filter Frame

    You don't need to disassmble or deinstall anything to replace or remove the filter. The frame (clear plastic lid) simply stays screwed on to the computer case cover panel. Just remove the filter material. It is easy, as mentioned above.

  • Filter Material may be Added

    If the present filter material is not enough to trap the smaller dust particles, then you could easily add some more. Just cut another stocking piece as you did with the first one and double it up on the short tube. Secure both pieces with the same rubber band.

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