Cheap Homemade Computer Fan Dust Filter - Part 3

(This is the continuation of Part 2)

  1. With a glue gun, apply melted glue along the perimeter of the center hole of the computer fan dust filter frame. Put a cardboard or newspapers to protect your work surface. Go around the perimeter quickly before the melted glue starts to cool and harden.

  2. Before the applied glue cools down, quickly position the short tube on the computer fan dust filter frame as shown below. Once positioned, press firmly.

  3. Reinforce the attachment by applying melted glue at the corner where the short tube and the plastic frame meet as shown below.

    Be careful not to drip glue over the screw holes. Wait for the glue to cool down and harden.

  4. With a pen marker, trace the shape of the computer fan dust filter frame on piece of used stocking.

  5. Cut the shape on the stocking with a pair of sharp scissors. Lay the cut stocking piece (filter material) over the short tube. Make sure there is extra filter material that extends beyond the rim of the short tube.

  6. With a pen marker and a ruler, mark eight points along the perimeter edge of the short tube's rim. Make these eight points roughly equidistant from each other.

    You can do this by making 2 points first (bisecting the circle), then 4 points (perpedicular bisect), then 8 points (2 diagonal bisects).

  7. Shown below are the eight points that were marked at the edge of the short tube's rim. These will be the reference points for the bumps that will be added on the short tube.

  8. With a hot glue gun, drip melted glue near the top edge of the short tube to create bumps or studs.

    There are eight marked points, so make eight bumps near those points. Let the melted glue cool and harden.

  9. Lay the filter material over the short tube making them concentric with each other as shown below.

  10. Put the rubber band over the bumps around the perimeter of the short tube. The bumps secures the rubber band in place which, in turn, hold the filter material in place.

  11. The bumps prevent the rubber band from rolling out from the short tube.

  12. Put back the air-intake screws into the screw holes on the computer fan dust filter. Position the air-intake fan on the inside of the cover panel.

    With a Phillips screwdriver, turn the screws in to secure both computer fan dust filter and air-intake fan on the cover panel. Do not over-tighten as this may damage the computer fan dust filter frame.

  13. Shown below is the completed and installed computer fan dust filter. For optimum performance, do not block the filter so as not to restrict air flow intake by the fan. Keep clear from the filter by at least six inches.

(See Part 4 for the continuation of this article)

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