Free Karaoke Songs for Download

This year, 2017, will be the year that I'll be making better karaoke videos. I've actually made a few in the past. But these videos, some of which have been posted to Youtube, are just simple lyric videos.

Essentially, this is what happens. I find / buy / download a karaoke mp3 file - or maybe edit an original mp3 track. I like the song and find a way to sing to it. So I use a simple video editing software and then put the lyrics on slides. Then I just display the slides as the song plays.

Why Do I Make Karaoke Lyric Videos?

The simple answer is because I love to sing. I'm no professional singer - far from it, and I sing mainly to entertain myself. But like many of us, I could only manage to sing songs in the range which I THINK suits my voice or singing style. With other songs, I just sound so, so, bad. Heh! not that I sound good with the songs that I do like. :)

Favorite Recording Artists Whose Songs I Sing

My preference is mostly oldies or old-time favorites, ballads, "standards" for male and so on. Among recording artists I could name a few that I like: Cliff Richard, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Lou Rawls, Jim Croce, Josh Groban, and of course the "standards" crooners like Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Pat Boone, Nat King Cole and many others.

From the recording group artists, I like a few of the boy bands that became a trend like the Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, A1, and 98 Degrees. Among the oldies, I like the groups of Peter, Paul and Mary, The Brothers Four, Tremeloes, Temptations and a few others.

How to Create Karaoke Videos

Maybe around 3 years ago, I started creating my own versions of karaoke lyrics video. They're crudely made with the software I used in comparison with what's available today. But I was happy making them because those videos helped me in my singing as a hobby.

Heck, I even bought a new DVD player that supported USB drives - but that's another story.

At that time I only had an old version of Windows Movie Maker. The karaoke videos were essentially just slideshows showing slides of the lyrics. Other than Windows Movie Maker, there were other slideshow video editing software that allowed you to create a simple karaoke lyrics video.

Now there's Karafun Editor, Mixcraft, iMovie, Karaoke Builder Studio, Easy Video Maker, AV Video Karaoke Maker, Karaoke Video Creator and many more. I don't know how to use any of the above mentioned software nor do I know any of their features. So don't ask me. :)

The software I use to create karaoke song videos is called Youtube Movie Maker (free version). It's easy to use and has more than satisfied my needs. I'll probably be writing more on this later.

Why Upload Karaoke Videos to Youtube

Sometimes, I'm pleased with the outcome of the karaoke videos I created. And sometimes I feel it's a shame if it is only I who enjoys them. I mean, why not share so others may enjoy singing the songs they like to sing, right?

And that's the reason I uploaded and continue to upload the karaoke videos I created. I also make a short write-up on the songs that I upload and post these write-ups as brief articles in this section of the blog.

So go ahead. Browse around and enjoy the karaoke songs!

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