Fitness Challenge Day 14

Day 14 Lunch:
Generous servings of Bulalo, Chicharong bulaklak, Crispy crablets, Beef tapa with garlic, Lechong kawali, White rice and Iced tea. This was at Rence's birthday blowout at the Beef Market and Bulalohan at the Mahogany market in Tagaytay, Cavite.

Day 14 Dinner:
Wine and brandy combo, Pork adobo, Beef steak (beef bought from Mahogany), Homemade achara and White rice.

Day 14 Workout:
None. I felt like I was driving the whole day, first to Ilog Maria in Silang to buy bee propolis products, and then later to Mahogany Beef Market in Tagaytay.

Weight Tracker
73.2 kg recorded early morning today.

LilySlim Weight charts

Another spike. 😒  No surprise there, considering the 4-plate dinner I had yesterday at the MLCP party. I get the feeling that with today's two meals, there won't be a dip in the tracker tomorrow. 

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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