Fitness Challenge Day 13

Day 13 Dinner:
Christmas Party with the ministry (Ministry of Lectors Commentators and Psalmists) at the parish hall.

First Plate: Lumpiang togue, Beef caldereta, Pancit sotanghon, Pancit miki-bihon and Chicken afritada.

Second Plate: Macaroni, Siomai, Lumpiang shanghai, Pork asado and White rice.

Third Plate: Lumpiang shanghai, 1 slice of pizza and Sweet and sour fish fillet (plate starts to look a little gross).

Fourth and final plate: 2 slices of different pizza.

There was enough food to feed a convent!

Day 13 Workout:
Clearing out junk from the hallway at home.

Preparing for the Zumba dance workout at the MLCP party.  This was BEFORE the party dinner.

Zumba dance workout with the lectors, commentators and psalmists during the MLCP party. I'm wearing the purple shirt and black pants in the second row.

Weight Tracker
72.8 kg today.
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Today, I had an epiphany. From the past two days, I realized that it is easier to continue with whatever protocol of Intermittent Fasting you're following if you do it CONSISTENTLY. This is what spells success for IF.

For instance, if you're on 1MAD, it is easy if you're consistent with it everyday - whether that one meal is just breakfast, lunch or dinner. If it becomes two or three for just one day, you may feel hungrier than usual the next day. And that throws the 1MAD pattern out of whack.

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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