Fitness Challenge Day 12

Day 12 Breakfast:
Black coffee, Hot pandesal with fresh leaves and sandwich spread.

Day 12 Workout:
No workout.

Weight Tracker
73.5 kg today. That's a gain of almost a kilo (.9 kg). The lunch after judging at the MicroSpeak's Club Contest and the dinner treat (part 1) for Rence's 17th birthday yesterday certainly didn't help. Haha!

LilySlim Weight charts

This goes to show how a heavy lunch, afternoon snack and heavy dinner affects Intermittent Fasting. It has negated the positive effects (weight drop) of the previous TWO days.

It's like the previous weight drops did not happen. Haha! OMG. This micro-analysis that I now do on a daily basis

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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