Fitness Challenge Day 11

Day 11 Breakfast:
Black coffee, Longevity spinach, Homemade achara, Menudillo and White rice.

Day 11 Workout:
New Christmas decorations. Making new Christmas bows using two ribbons, silver and green.

Day 11 Lunch:
Lunch at MicroSpeak TMC after judging in the International Speech Club Contest: Coke, Pork barbecue, Pancit palabok, Lumpia shanghai, Chicken and White rice.

Day 11 Afternoon Snack:
Merienda is Black coffee and half turon. Ugh, that turon was too sweet for my taste.

Day 12 Dinner:
This is Rence's 17 birthday treat (part 1):
Brandy/red wine combo, Miki-Bihon Binondo-sytle from Classic Savory, Honey-glazed chicken from BonChon, Pork liempo, Homemade achara and White rice.

Weight Tracker
72.6 kg today.

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