Fitness Challenge Day 34

Day 34 Breakfast at 7 am:
Black coffee, Sauteed tomatoes onions with egg, Longevity spinach, Sweet & Spicy Pusit, White rice, Mixed veggies with beef and mushrooms in oyster sauce. For dessert is a Snickers crispies bar.

Day 34 Dinner:
Red wine (full glass), Longevity spinach, Sauteed scrambled eggs with onions and potatoes, Tuyo, Ginataang kuhol and White rice. Carlo Rossi wine was gift from in-laws.

I had this dinner at 8:30 pm. That means I had fasted for more then 12 hours already since breakfast. I had this dinner because I'll be having lunch tomorrow in Cavite and no breakfast. Plus, I wanted some red wine. It's so cold today.

Day 34 Workout:
None. Too wet and rainy to go outside. I am just preparing for a road trip tomorrow to Cavite.

Weight Tracker
71.0 kg recorded at 6:30 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

Exactly the same as yesterday at 71.0 kg ?!! I had to re-weigh as it seemed strange there was no change in the weight whatsoever. This has never happened before. 😛

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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