Fitness Challenge Day 35

Day 35 Lunch at 12 noon:
Clockwise from top: Lumpia togue, Beef something, Mixed veggies with quail eggs, Cordon-bleu with cream sauce, Menudo, Lechon, and in the center is Pancit on top of White rice. That's the Lechon sauce on the right. I had second servings on the Pancit and Lechon.

Desserts at the left: Biko, Turon and Maja blanca. There were other kinds, but I'm not too fond of desserts.

Day 35 Afternoon snack:
I was a bit tired driving that I had a glass of Coke, some takehome puto and Oishi prawn crackers.

Day 35 Workout:
Does queuing several times to the buffet table count? Happy Birthday, Menchie!

Lots of driving going to Skyway, NAIA-X and then Cavitex towards Imus in Cavite to attend a get-together/birthday party/reunion and then the same going back.

Weight Tracker
71.7 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

With the two meals yesterday, the increase of 0.7 kg was not surprising. I was surprised that it wasn't more than that. 😛

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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