Fitness Challenge Day 39

Day 39 Breakfast at 8 am (above):
Grapefruit (suha), Pork in barbecue marinade, Coffee, Bicol express, Oatmeal, Longevity spinach, Hard-boiled egg, Chicken longganisa and White rice. Wow, that was a heavy breakfast.

Day 39 Workout:
Resumed, after long hiatus, my quest for 20 consecutive unassisted pull ups. Today, I just managed 3 assisted pull ups.

Weight Tracker
71.0 kg recorded at 6:00 am today. I noticed swelling in both my hands.

I think this has to do with the pull ups I tried to do yesterday. Somehow blood seemed to pool into my hands, thus the swelling. I've not been doing pull ups for almost a year now so the long lost familiarity with the exercise may be the culprit.

LilySlim Weight charts

From a Jason Fung interview in youtube. Jason Fung - Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, at 48:40

"(We're) eating six times a day! And nobody thinks that's a bad thing! What you do when you eat is to give instructions to your body to store fat. That's what it does. When you eat you store some of it for use later on. If that use doesn't ever come later on, you're keeping it in storage. So that's part of everyday life. So that's like (fasting for only) 14 hours, right?"

"Now to LOSE weight, you extend that time to around 16 hours and you eat in that 8 hour window. Or you go 24 hours, so that's eating one meal a day. So you go dinner to dinner, lunch to lunch."

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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