Fitness Challenge Day 40

Day 40 Breakfast at 9 am (above):
Black coffee, Longevity spinach, Korean fried chicken with spicy sauce, Mangoes with sweet bagoong, Chicken curry and White rice.

Day 40 Snacks at 12 noon:
A saucer of dried peanuts (Growers)

Day 40 Dinner at 9 pm:
Red wine/brandy combo, Longevity spinach, Chicken pork adobo, Mango with sweet bagoong and White rice.

I read something today that was both enlightening and worrying. And that's probably why I decided on dinner today.

In the past month or so, I've been having these rashes that result into very itchy hives. I've felt them on my chest, around the trunk, neck and even face. Sometimes they appear on my forearms or thighs. What's peculiar about it is that I seem to only get these rashes at night.

In the first few weeks, I simply ignored them thinking they're temporary and that I just hand an allergic reaction to something. Now, however, they've gotten more frequent.

It is to the point where I take anti-histamine medications twice a week. This makes the condition bearable and allow me to sleep comfortably at night. The hives disappear in the morning.

From what I read, this condition is called Keto Rash. Apparently, it is something that some of those on Ketogenic diets get when in ketosis.

Day 40 Workout:
Picking ripe indian mangoes. Today, I felt better with doing assisted-pull ups. I no longer have the swelling in my hands.
Warmup: 20 Lat Pulls with stretch cord.
3 x 4 assisted pull ups
3 x 8 front knee raises

Weight Tracker
70.7 kg recorded at 6:00 am today. Haha. I'm nearing that 70 kg barrier now!

LilySlim Weight charts

From a Jason Fung interview in youtube. Jason Fung - Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, at 51:07

"But this is where the opportunity really lies. Taking all these people who are very sick and just reversing all their diseases... We have people coming in with 20 years of type-2 diabetes and 80 units of insulin a day. And in a month and a half, they've lost the weight and are off all their medications, and they feel great. And when we measure them they're not classified as diabetics. So that's where the opportunity really lies, to help people, on a systemic basis."

"Of course on an individual basis, everybody has that opportunity to make themselves healthier. On a systemic level, there's this opportunity to put this into hospitals, into clinics, really to help people regain that health and not say that, "Oh, I'm overweight, I need to take some medications." No! You can get better by yourself naturally, 100% completely, for free! You don't have to do anything special other than let your body burn all that sugar. Do what it's suppose to do. Let the body heal itself. And that's amazing!"

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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