Fitness Challenge Day 42

Day 42 Breakfast at 8 am (above):
Black coffee, Pandesal, Fried egg, Growers peanuts.

Day 42 Lunch starting at 11 am (Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet Restaurant):
Some of the pre-cooked all-meat Korean dishes at the buffet. This reminds me of the start of the Fitness Challenge when we had lunch at Samgyupsalamat Southpark in Alabang.

Another plate with noodles and pancakes.

Karen and Che, doing most of the grilling.

Weight Tracker
71.9 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

From a Jason Fung interview in youtube. Jason Fung - Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, at 21:15

"What happens with fasting is that your blood glucose drops. So your body produces something called counter-regulatory hormones. These are hormones that run counter to insulin. So insulin tends to lower your blood sugar and these raise your blood sugar. So what happens is that when you're not eating, your body actually wants to pull glucose back out from its stores. There are several main ones. Coritsol is a big one. Noradrenaline is a big one, and growth hormone. These are counter-regulatory hormones."

"The part of the hormonal changes to fasting is that these all go up. And they activate your body. Noradrenaline, for instance, is like adrenaline, it gives you energy. Growth hormones allow your body to rebuild when you start eating like amazing. There are so many different benefits to that sort of growth hormone. Theoretical benefits for example like for osteopoenia or osteoporosis. There's theoretical benefits for alzheimers' disease, all kinds of things. In terms of letting your body regenerate and renew itself. Your body breaks down old proteins and then the growth hormones allow you to rebuild."

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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