Fitness Challenge Day 55

Day 55 Breakfast at 9 am (above):
Chicken curry, Greens, Black coffee, Ripe mango, Sisig-kilawin and White rice.

Day 55 Afternoon Snacks at 4 pm:
Cassalu snacks during the Jan.19 Toastmasters Meeting: This is Fries Extreme or French fries with cheese and bacon bits and a slice of Cheese cake.

Day 55 Dinner at 9 pm:
Brandy/wine combo, Greens, Menudillo, Fish shanghai, Spanish-style sardines, Pickle relish and White rice.

Day 55 Workout:
Morning walk.

Weight Tracker
71.5 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts
LilySlim Weight charts

Tomorrow will be the Pacquio-Broner fight. As usual, the lead up to the fight has the TV and social media showing documentaries about Pacman's humble beginnings.

Something that annoys me a bit is how interviewers always pity Pacman when Pacman says he only had 1 meal a day as a young man, like it's necessarily bad. I suppose that's how ingrained the "required" 3 meals a day concept has been in all of us.

Now, the one meal a day, as an effective protocol of Intermittent Fasting, is starting to become popular.

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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