Fitness Challenge Day 60

Day 60 Breakfast at 9 am (above):
A colorful spread to celebrate 60 days! Dinuguan, Greens, Black coffee, Pork afritada, Sunny side-up egg with catsup, Ripe mangoes and Blue rice.

How Blue Rice is Made

A forum participant, James, asked where blue rice is purchased.

Answer: It isn't. I mean it isn't purchased as blue rice. Ordinary white rice may be colored blue during cooking. This is made possible with the flowers of the Blue Butterfly Pea plant (Clitoria ternatea) which is a common pea vegetable plant. Ilocanos call it Samsamping. The pea pods are cooked as vegetables while the flowers can be made into tea. Both parts are edible.

To prepare: Wash rice as usual. Add water as usual. Drop the flowers (around 5 to 10) depending on the shade you want. Cover and then cook the rice as usual.

Day 60 Breakfast Part 2 at 10 am:
Black coffee, Simple cheese sandwich with mayo and greens and Fresh guavas.

Day 60 Workout:
Morning walk.
4 x 4 Assisted Pull Ups
4 x 8 Hanging Knee Raises

Weight Tracker
71.2 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts
LilySlim Weight charts

It's day 60 today. I gave myself a bit of a leeway (as I oftentimes do!) by making my protocol 20:4 just to celebrate the milestone. Thank you neighbors, for the mangoes and guavas.

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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