Fitness Challenge Day 61

Day 61 Breakfast at 8 am (above):
Menudo, Greens, Black coffee, Sunny side up egg with catsup and mayo, Saging saba, Oatmeal, Laing and Blue rice.

Day 61 Afternoon Snacks at 4 pm:
Amber Pancit Palabok and Spaghetti after the First Balfour Charter Presentation.

Day 61 Afternoon Snacks Part 2 at 5 pm:
Black coffee, Cheese with pimento and greens on wheat bread, Dingdong.

Day 61 Workout:
Morning walk.
4 x 4 Assisted Pull Ups
4 x 8 Hanging Knee Raises

Weight Tracker
71.2 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts
LilySlim Weight charts

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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