Fitness Challenge Day 76

Day 76 Breakfast at 7 am (above):
Black coffee, Chicken adobo, Half fried-fish, Pinakurat vinegar, Salted eggs and tomatoes, and White rice.

Day 76 Afternoon Snacks at 5 pm:
A plateful of pancit bihon, three pieces of lumpia togue, two pieces of big tuna pandesal and a glass of mountain dew.

Day 76 Workout:
None, but we did walk the 2 dogs, Poochie and Santi to the Vet technicians for anti-rabies shots - a usual for Poochie and the first for Santi.

It took plenty of planning on how to collar and put the dog chains on them. Santi was first and was quite difficult as he's feeling nervous hearing the passing dogs. Poochie was a breeze.

Three of us took them there. I walked Santi, Karen walked Poochie and Irene queued up in line.

Poochie at 10 years old is mellowing. We just used a puppy chain for him. Santi at 10 months is quite a heavy rascal. Just walking him gave me a right shoulder and right arm workout.

Weight Tracker
71.8 kg recorded at 6:00 am today. That's a big 1 kg. dip from yesterday.

LilySlim Weight charts
LilySlim Weight charts

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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