Rainy Week

With morning rains all week, yah, no swims until today. There was a horrendous traffic today everywhere here in the south. We heard on the radio that the SLEX was clogged due to floods as early as 5am !!! So I left early at 6:15 hoping to dodge it by passing through national road. Guess again. I reached the office at 9am!!! And I almost ran out of gas.

On a happier note, we got our new computer last Tuesday. Ian, Susan and Irene ordered it, had it assembled and got it home same day from PCXpress. They were back the following day to install software. Our setup is typical; printer on top, monitor in the middle and cpu below. That's Karen, the model with shiny black hair, trying her best to look serious. Those speakers are ancient. I've had them since the 90's and they still work. The table was on sale at megamall and we've had it for months.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bong,

I, too was in Manila (September 16, 2005) when the heavy rains hit. I was at the Hyatt Hotel attending a conference of all Executive and Vice-Executive Judges for Regions 1, 2, 3 and NCR. We left Pampanga at 6:00 - Judge Joel Salvador picked me up. I went home at around 10:30 in the evening. There were some flooded areas along Bulacan.

I'm happy that your new computer has arrived. I guess the kids have tried it already.

Any news on the migration concern? By the way, Auntie Conching sent the dining table & chairs and tocador from Cabatuan when Jess (my husband) bought some materials for the house.

That's it for now. I hope you could resume your swimming. Jess and I are thinking of getting swimming lessons in the future - near or distant.

Blackdove said...

I think SLEX was more affected than NLE. There's a portion at the Southwoods area that floods quickly after continuous heavy rains. News at the radio said it was waist deep. When that happens, you won't see any road there at the expressway. No roads, no island, no shoulders. It's just the ramps going up to the toll booths. Both south and north-bound lanes disappear and a river appears.

The computer's ok. Kids are still in it for the built-in games though. The Encarta package is educational and has a bit for the kids too.

I do hope you get into swimming.

Blackdove said...

You might want to click and see my entry here on my top 10 reasons for taking up swimming. Hey, I could even give you a few tips.