A Christmas Collage

No Swim: There was a heavy downpour yesterday morning and today it's dark and soggy. I don't know what's with this quirky weather. I was hoping that I could finally resume my swimming full blast.

I was a little busy collecting and sorting some old pics to create a slideshow screensaver with music. Noel Cabangon's "Kanlungan" (McDonald's commercial theme) is especially nice and nostalgic playing in the background. Since 'tis the season to be jolly, I also sorted out the old Christmas pics and created a Christmas screensaver with instrumental carols playing. Background music with vocals gets old and irritating especially at the office. Anyway, I decided to create a collage of the Christmas Tree Pyramid. The Christmas Tree Pyramid has become our tradition every December. The eldest "carries" the youngest and pose pyramid-style at a corner with the tree at the back. The tree is actually older than Che.My, how the kids have grown! Can you tell who's who? I seriously doubt if Che would still be able to carry Renz on her shoulders next year. Renz is getting much too heavy though we could still try! Or maybe we'll probly just settle for a "landscape" version photo rather than the current "portrait" version. I certainly hope that we can keep this nice tradition for the years to come. Here's an advanced Merry Christmas greetings from Che, Karen, Sandra and Renz!I've finally memorized all the 6 segments of my Christmas piano piece "The Three Wise Men". Memorizing as in without referring to the music sheet. Corz, playing the piece smoothly without stopping is quite another different matter. But I'll get there, I know I will.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Renz, Sandra, Karen, Che, Irene & Les (the Aquino family),

Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!

Merry merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your blogs. The kids pyramid pictures are cute. I will try to open this at home so i can hear the music. My low tech PC at work is not cooperating w/ me.

You are right, swimming is the best excercise as doctors say. Weather here, even in Arizona (valley) at its coldest today will be about 9 degrees Celsius or 49 deg Fahr. This is not the coldest since this week is mild with 22 deg as high.

Happy New Year too! And God bless us, everyone (Tiny Tim, Christmas Carol)!!!

Best regards, Nancy

Blackdove said...

"The kids pyramid pictures are cute."

"I will try to open this at home so i can hear the music."
The music is in my screensaver, not in my blog. But you gave me a good idea.

"You are right, swimming is the best excercise as doctors say."
Swimming is a super, ultra, mega, great cardio exercise though I think it needs to be supplemented with some impact and weight-bearing activities. When I demo'ed the jump rope (criss-cross style) to Sandra, I had soreness in my ankles. I realized I've had zero exercises like running, jumping, etc. that impact and strengthens the joints. Now, I walk and use the stairs at the office more often.