Pics from Last Easter's Egg Hunting 2006

Last Easter Apr16, we had the traditional egg-hunting in the morning at the front yard. This year we had them broken into 2 teams. Team A - Karen and Sandra and Team B - Che and Renz. Neither Karen and Sandra wanted to pair up with Renz coz he's so small and slow.. Sandra was so excited that she even put a label on her basket. As in the past, we used quail eggs which are sometimes difficult to find coz they blend in the earth colors. See Che's catch of eggs in her tray basket. Renz carried a backpack.

Ultimately, the winner was Team A and the score was 34 eggs to 31 eggs. They could've found more hadn't Snoopy (the dog) eaten some of the eggs. Yeah, if you wanted more eggs, just follow the dog. Prizes were some chocos and some special candies that DH and I bought the day before (after we went swimming - just the two of us as the kids were in Makati). DH seems amused by what she's trying to pass off as the prize in the picture at the left. Obviously, Karen is not amused. And Sandra is still wondering what it is.

Lastly, a "paagaw" for special candies as requested by Sandra. Renz was still a little slow on the idea and was easily outmuscled by the sisters. It was funny, even Snoopy took some of the candies that the kids missed - wrappers and all.

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Anonymous said...

funny yung " and the winner is" parang sandwhich ng mga babae yan, hahaha

Blackdove said...

Hi anonymous,
Yup, you're right! When I took the pic, I had NO idea what it was (I thought they were crackers) until it was later explained to me.