9th Toastmasters Speech

No Swim since yesterday.
Typhoon "Domeng" made its landfall yesterday morning and it's been soggy. My colds (which I got from Renz, I suppose) didn't help either.

The brief respite allowed me though to write and finish up my 9th Toastmasters Speech (Persuade with Power) entitled "Jewels at the Podium". The speech is about managing nervousness/ stagefright. The meeting where I was invited over was not a pure toastmasters session although there were toastmasters there. It was a toastmaster mentoring session for engineers. I was surprised when I got in coz Orly was giving a technical presentation complete with the slides. Apparently he was preparing for the ASEMEP symposium. The session was meant to coach him and help him with the slides.

My speech today at that session turned out great! Although I had some lengthy pauses for me to recall the next points, I don't think I missed or skiped an idea. Yup, I delivered it in full and I'm happy. The engineers and section managers (not toastmasters) who were there seemed dumbfounded and astounded with what they saw. I mean these are folks who I see around everyday at the office. They were surprised that the mild-mannered IT guy they see could deliver a speech that way. They liked it a lot - and they kept giving their own (good) feedback uncontrollably although it's really just my speech evaluator who's supposed to do that. Apparently, they found it not only persuasive but inspiring as well.

I finished writing the speech at 9pm last night. Rehearsed it until 11pm and then woke up at 4am this morning to rehearse again. I delivered it at 7:30 am today. Whew! It was well, well worth it. I am so elated! One final speech and I'll be a certified CTM - Competent Toastmaster (now called CC - Competent Communicator)

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