A Couple of 100 Free's

I suprrised myself today when I did a couple of laps (50m) twice. I didn't have anything special in mind to do today other than a relaxed swim. I didn't even plan on coming at all. But this nagging thought in my mind just kept saying:
  1. "It's still free! Take advantage of it. By August you'd have to pay per entry."
  2. "It isn't raining. The sun's peering from a distance. It'll be a nice day.
  3. Buddy, you choose: your work or your health?"
And so I succumbed. Just on a whim, I started a free and said to myself I'll take it slow. I still practiced exhaling more on the nose and after a lap, I felt I could do one more and I did. The difference in the past is that I didn't push myself off the wall too strongly and I didn't raise my shoulders too high as I grabbed the deck. I just wanted to be relaxed in swimming and off the walls.

I realized then that I probly exerted too much effort previously in rising off the turn and pushing from the wall when there was no need to. That is, if the purpose is just for long distance swims where the key is a relaxed swim. Well, something in me asked what did I do differently today that allowed me to do this? Was it the Ube-laden Tasty bread (Php55) I bought from Urban Chef at the canteen which was so yummy? I had 3 slices this morning with cream-egg and it was good! Or was it the new breathing style where I exhale through the nose while swimming and blowing out hard after pushing off the wall? Maybe it's the latter.

I wanted to do more of these 100's when I noticed in the pool floor what looked like a thin stick. It moved! Uh huh, an earthworm. Now I wouldn't mind these creatures there in with me, but I had my tummy full and so I felt a little queasy. The VCO (virgin coconut oil) I gulped last night isn't helping. Going back after the turn, I switch lanes and there was another smaller earthworm. And so that was it for me and got out.

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arGlene said...

an earthworm in a pool? now that's ewww! he he Not that I am able to see one because I can't be, like at the bottom.

now it got me thinking, how come it is so hard to float at the pool but easy on the sea? Something about bouyancy, eh?

Blackdove said...

Yah. With the recent heavyrains, some earthworms from the nearby ground or drainage are bound to end up in there. Well, in the past, I wanted to learn to swim so much that I didn't mind whatever critter was in there. Now THAT'S commitment! :)

Yes, you're much more buoyant in the sea because of the salt. And salt's what makes sea water denser than pool water. Anything much denser than pool water will float you more. The Dead Sea is so dense with salt that you could float there the whole day with no effort. But the salt's too much pain for the eyes though.

Lene, how come I can't comment on your blog and tells me that I need to be a teammate, or boardmate or roommate or something? :) Is there a commenting restriction that you set?

arGlene said...

thanks for the explanation Sir, it made me 'proud' that at least I learned how to float. =p

to be honest, I'm really not a pool person because of that smelly and painful to the eyes (chlorine?) they put in the water.

dunno what's gotten into my comment settings but I thought I fixed it already.