Eating at the Pool

I briefly had my swim today after a long recuperation (and additional therapy). I didn't stay long though. I just sorta' "tested the waters" (pun not intended) after weeks of shoulder strengthening. So I did 3 laps of free, 2 laps of back, 3 laps of breast and 1 lap of fly. Yup, THAT short. And so far so good. The shoulder's holding up good. Let's see in the coming days.

Today, there were adult kids there and I don't think they were students. I don't know what it is with eating by pool near the pool gutters, but so many people think it's so cool. Worse, some would drink softdrinks IN the pool. Worst, some would drink AND eat IN the pool! What the heck is that? And soon I see these plastic wrappers of foodstuff floating in the water. Yuck.

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arGlene said...

Ah, irresponsible adults. Tsk!

Blackdove said...

Yup. They somehow feel it's so cool to have a pictorial at the same time!