A Private Resthouse at Nasugbu, Batangas

With little planning, the officemates (basically, just some) went to a private resthouse by the beach at Nasugbu, Batangas.

I cannot remember the last time I was at Nasugbu, but I’m sure it’s one of those company outings (AMD?, Moto?) in the distant past. Those company outings were in big private beaches that were reserved for a day.

This is the first time for me to go to a private beach resthouse. It’s so private that it is inaccessible by land.

I heard you gotta walk pretty far to get there and the better alternative is to go to a parking area, leave the vehicle there and take a banca ride to the beach resthouse. The distance is short, but the banca has to go far to avoid the shallow parts of the shore.

Here’s a shot of the cottage where we ate, from the resthouse. The owners said that next door is Heart Evangelista's parents resthouse. Ummm, okay.

The food was mucho mucho (overflowing!). There was morning snack (in the van), breakfast, snack (before lunch), lunch, snack and then dinner.

Since we started a little late plus the afternoon rain that practically drenched the outing, the eating schedule got messed up and we ended up finishing dinner at past 8pm. I was too nauseous to even eat.

It’s a good thing though that I did plenty of swimming in the morning. Butterfly in the sea was very fast.

I did two that seemed to take notice from everybody there – because I heard some remarks about “dragonfly stroke”, not me of course. Getting air to breath for fly was so much easier in saltwater!

Later, FO and I talked about swimming lessons. And I gave my usual spiel (or rant?) about Pinoys when they say “going swimming”. When asked if they can swim, they’d usually say “no”.

The conversation usually goes this way:
Them: Nag-swimming kami. Ang sarap!
Me: Oh? Marunong ba kayong lumangoy?
Them: Hindi.
Me: Ah, hindi kayo nag-swimming. Naligo kayo.
Them: Ha? Ah… eh… oo nga ano.

Freestyle was even faster! The corals and rocks just whizzed by! It felt so much different than when swimming in the pool.

Another difference is, without the lane lines to guide me, I noticed I always swam to the RIGHT – always. And so for navigation, fly and breaststroke is easier.

After the heavy rain in the afternoon, we headed out to the rock the locals call “payong-payong” (umbrella). It only looks like an umbrella when the tide is low enough.

I think "mushroom" fits the description as well. At high tide, it looks like a normal rock island.

We saw kids who were walking to it. And why not, the water was only around mid-thigh to waist high! The trouble was the rock and corals were so uneven that it was uncomfortable and painful underfoot.

What’d I do? I swam to it with heads-up breaststroke so as not to lose sight of the rock. The key is to keep a shallow profile. You only have 2-3 feet of water to swim in and it’s tiring.

At some points a rock and some sea weeds grazed my thighs. Well, it’s better that than have bruises or cuts under the foot. Not only that, it was faster. I overtook JP who was walking and had beach shoes even.

FO had some cuts and swelling under his feet because of the rocks and corals. On my way back, I did elemback and scratched my back on a rock. Ouch!

Here’s the rock (“Payong-payong”) late in the afternoon at 5pm. The kids in the foreground are looking at some saltwater aquarium fishes they caught and put in a basin. If on one side, the water is about waist high, on the other side, it's very deep.

See the tiny spots in the backround that look like poles? They’re people walking to the rock and the water is now just knee high. Here's a magnified view of the picture above. It's already low tide and some of the rocks are jutting out even.

After the afternoon swim and shower, I rested a bit and asked for hot water and coffee from the owner to ease my nausea. I suppose all that heads-up breastroke did me in.

Fortunately, Tina (JP’s sister) even had Vicks and Biogesic and so I massaged my head and muscles. I felt much better afterwards.

At dusk, everybody was taking their requisite sunset photos. So I took one of a banca coming in after a tiring day’s catch. While everybody else was near the water, I took this one while just sitting on a chair high up on the beach front.

That’s the white banca we took from the parking site to the resthouse. Now it looks blue coz of the sunset. On the way back, this banca got on our nerves since it wouldn’t start! It took at least 20 attempts to make the motor run.

With so much delay, we left the place past 8:00pm when we should've left at 6:00pm. I got home at past 11pm.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog. hindi pa maalon when you left at 8 pm? it would be nice to stay in a private beach house but then who would do the cooking, heheh

Blackdove said...

Hi Kenkay. Meron alon, pero maliliit lang. Sa pinuntahan namin, package deal na. For 1,500 per head, libre na ang 2-way transpo (van), banca ride (to go to resthouse), food (snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner - all heavy). Bale katulong ng owners ang nagluluto ng lahat. We didn't need to bring any food or drink. The nice thing about a private beach house is the exclusivity. You can play badminton, pingpong, darts, swim, sleep, dance, even sunbathe naked, without hassle. But it's also its downside, medyo malungkot kasi kung konti lang kayo. Buti na lang we brought our own sound system.

Anonymous said...

hi im interested with the place. can you give me any contact number of the rest house?

Blackdove said...

Thanx for dropping by! Here's the contact number: Jerry Hervas 09175284634.

Anonymous said...

do u have landline?

Anonymous said...

Hi, ask ko lang kung malapit po ba ito sa wawa and ano po name ng private beach house na pinagstayn niyo po? ska may mga resort din po ba dito?

Blackdove said...

Hindi ko po alam yung wawa. Private po yung beach house, so walang karatulang nakalagay. Hindi po ito resort.