Walking the Dog

Poochie staring out the front gate. It’s funny that with the move into our new house, Poochie has grown big enough that she could only stick her head out in between the bars of the front gate. Had we moved into the new house at an earlier date, Pooch would still be small and would easily wiggle herself out.

Renz walks the dog. But instead of a collar ‘round her neck, Poochie bites on a red ribbon and tugs it, so she can walk with Renz.

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arGlene said...

Suddenly, your latest posts appeared and I wonder why it's only now that I was able to view them.

Anyways, your house Sir is very nice. I simply admire the design. Were you the one who conceptualized it or you've had an architect? :)

Blackdove said...

Hi Lene,
I uploaded all the posts just today. I simply predated them so they appear in the proper sequence with the correct dates. I hope this blogger hiatus is over. I'll soon be out of a job and am presently looking. Blame it on the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).

The house was designed by an architect and we only had 2 major criteria for him: that it be airy/ well ventilated and had plenty of natural lighting. It isn't as big as the 2 behemoths that sandwich us though. But we're happy with the way it turned out!