Fitness Challenge Day 26

Day 26 Breakfast:
Two half corn cobs (Japanese sweet corn and a native that's very sweet), Black coffee, Sweet spicy sardines, Chopsuey, Unli white rice.

Day 26 Dinner:
This was an unscheduled meal. But because DH came from their reunion party, I just had to taste some of the dishes she took home (takeouts).

Shown below: Wine/brandy combo, Purple corn (she bought), Relyenong bangus piece, Menudo, Chicken monghe, Mixed veggies (by Karen) and White rice.

Day 26 Workout:
Morning walk to 5:30 am Simbang Gabi.

Weight Tracker
72.2 kg recorded at 6:35 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

Like I said, it's the sticking point. This is the point where the body starts to resist losing more weight. It somehow penalizes you severely for any bit of digression from your established protocol.

And to think the only deviation from the previous norm was the 19:5 protocol yesterday. Treading on dangerous ground here. Be vigilant and careful.

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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